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  • LokChain - The only 2048 Bits Encryption Blockchain built for Scaling and interoperability
  • One Universal wallet address to rule the IoT of values
  • LokChain = interblockchain + IoT = Industrie 4.0

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LokChain Platform

LokChain platform is ready made, high functionality, high performance software accelerator which comes with some consumable solutions in terms of the technologies, development and protocols. It combines Mobile, IoT and Blockchain into one ecosystem by using a benevolent cryptography and secure integration practices.

This platform includes a serverless operating system with permission and permission-less blockchain using a secret key infrastructure (SKI) that is able to deliver quantum immunity for small scale users, enterprises, decentralized applications and internet of things (IoT). hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology developed on our suite of technologies includes NEM (Smart Asset), Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus) and ECSMID (benevolent Cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES), has successfully resolved over 16 problems identified in the current blockchain space.

About LokChain

LokChain is a hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology which taps into NEM (Smart asset), Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus) and ECSMID (IoT benevolent Cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES).  We took the best features from the best of the best and added a few more advanced features of our own. This qualifies LokChain to the membership of Blockchain 4.0 (4th Generation BCT) family. LokChain Platform is a brainchild of LokDon Technology. It is a startup in South Carolina, USA. This platform is one of many uses of this unique technologies engineered by a multi-national group of consultants specialized in secure software and hardware development.

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What Is LokChain?

LokChain is a web of technologies and protocols focused on cryptographically secure integration of blockchain, mobile and the IoT ecosystem. Lokchain includes a serverless operating system with permission and permission-less blockchain using a secret key infrastructure (SKI) that is able to deliver quantum immunity for small scale users, enterprises, decentralized applications and internet of things (IoT). hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology developed on our suite of technologies includes NEM (Smart Asset), Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus) and ECSMID (benevolent Cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES), has successfully resolved over 16 problems identified in the current blockchain space.


The development of an ecosystem consisting of protocols, a platform and suite of technologies that improve and securely integrate distributed ledgers, mobile and IoT.

To accomplish this mission, we need to gather intelligence, break down the problems into smaller pieces. We must invest in continuous education, research, understudy of the dynamics of the technology and requirements. We must understand the global technology trend by gauging how to go from processes to a viable product. More so, security risks, threats, market needs and availability of resources must be considered. We must invest in education of the general population including young entrepreneurs and startups.


To make LokChain a Crypto-Industry technology that can be used by the government, businesses and enterprises. To guarantee a seamless merge of people, products and technology into one economic ecosystem. To make certain that people will contract, transact, distribute, share, secure immutable records smartly, in a decentralized network. To cause automated changes in commerce and enterprises by eliminating third parties in banking, finance, health, legal, retail, construction, census, manufacturing, agriculture, property registry, elections, pod habitation and security exchange with little or no trust. To economically strengthen the most advanced industrial barter system the world had ever seen. To combine AI, ML and other innovation for leveraging LokChain platform as a tool of industrial internet of things (IIoT) or Industrie 4.0. The tradition will extend to the completion of a smart city in any part of the world by the year 2023. To end the stealth exfiltration of data by edge devices, data aggregators, analytics and processors. Since, we assume, these devices to still will find uses in this new ecosystem.


  • 1Distributed Ledger system for eTransaction DLSeT (LokChain) Nov, 2017 Provisional 62584736
  • SDK and API for developers
  • Products:
  • Universal Wallet Address-software utility built with SDK
  • This is an encrypted addressing system which marries the biometrics, what one has, and what one knows to present a string verified by the community through prove of work. This is an ‘alphnumericspecialchar’ of max 32.
  • Authentication API -software utility
  • This is a cross platform API developed to allow other enterprises and/organization easy registration using Lokdon for secured all encrypted profile creation.
  • 2End-point to end-point cryptography system for mobile and IoT (ECSMID) Jan, 2017, Jan, 2018 Non-Provisional 62448560
  • 3Industrial Internet Encryption System 1.0 (IIES1) Apr, 2018 Provisional 62661765

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It excludes irrelevant features which may not apply in Blockchain for emerging markets:

  • A.Mining cost of electric power
  • B.Centralization perpetuates third party
  • C.Trust management

To solve all issues a business may have

  • A.Security
  • B.Privacy
  • C.Transparency
  • D.Scalability

To bring ubiquity on blockchain

  • A.Remove Latency problems
  • B.Remove Low throughput problems
  • C.Remove scalability problems

Smart Contract

  • Here in, digital assets are directly controlled by automation or lines of codes via initial agreement, to perform certain functions particularly when triggered. The trigger points could be set by arbitrary rules or even LokChain™ -based "decentralized autonomous organizations" leveraging their association to affect these contract agreements.

Decentralized Application (dapp)

  • This refers to removal of the control held by a central organization or location over applications. The ideas allow all to publish their unstoppable application absent a third party. Users should have control over the data they share on the network. Master ledger is only a yardstick cloned by all nodes. Any node can update its ledger from another node’s ledger content, as long as that one is the most current.

Smart Transaction

  • Here in, every party in the ecosystem has agreed on a sales bound by 1. smart contract, 2. smart property. When the values agreed are transferred fully to smart satisfaction. We can say that a smart transaction has just been fully negotiated. The nodes involved completes the transaction from start to finish there is no need for mining here.
Secured, Resilient, Dynamic and Steadfast

Our Products

Secured, Resilient, Dynamic and Steadfast

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Road Map

Lokchain platform and Lokdon projects together will normally run a 5-year roadmap to harness the desired solution offered by Lokdon technology (ECSMID, DLSeT and IIES1.0). The vision is to use the platform as a technological backbone to support infrastructural development across globe including emerging markets. This will favor a smart city (Data center Hub) for Industrie 4.0 in this campaign. We will like to see a full convergence of this project into Lokchain default cryptocurrency (LCN). The platform at its prime and well into the future will rely on XEM, ETH, XRP, BCH, BTH and LokCoin ( LCN ) for all transactions. Lokchain platform and Lokdon projects in union will bringing something new to the world. We are running a paired or twin fund rasing: This is a new, different and innovative mode of operation. This model assures that the contributor's efforts are not wasted. The model is a pincer formation. In this case the platform supporst endless business verticals. These business verticals generate profits used to build infrastructures. These infrastructures hedges the investments of values from risks and forestall market manipulation through inflation or fiat money degeneration.



Birth of Lokdon, LLC and technology

Organizing and forming corporation/Build development team
Platform Prototyping completion - DNA/DDNA
Lokdon/LokChain Wallet app/IoT wallets and dashboards
Security module completed- Classes/SDK-Lib/Framework Invite Altcoin/MC – API exposure

Technology Verticals


LokChain platform


LokChain projects


Wallet application


Infrastructure Development


LokChain exchange


IoT in the Chain


Enterprise Platform

LokChain for the enterprise is an extreme performance initiative of the blockchain technology. It is designed from bottom up to provide independent, reliable development which absorbs the local insight from the emerging market. This is an option to the documented world because it will enable the emerging market to discover and access the necessities of life all across the globe. The health, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Government, e-Commerce and Manufacturing are some of the business verticals that could possibly use this platform. LokCoin(LCN) is the default coin/token for this platform.

Type :

  • Public
  • Private

These problems do not preclude:

  • Interoperability
  • Power wastage from mining
  • Scalability
  • Strech to the limit
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Why use LokChain for the enterprise?

Clear and direct implementation with legacy

Powerful security with modular customization

2048 bits of encryption - Quantum Immunity

Designed for economic inclusivity

It is a hybrid of the best in breed of blockchain

High performance DLSeT or DLT

Exposes functionality via secure API

Very Compatible with IoT/Mobile


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Our Team





This is the address which ties a user to all his/her devices using attributes. The attributes are the component of data nucleus aggregate (DNA) This is derived using eFRI (fingerprint, IMEI or MAC) and full name; company name or combination of attributes that serves the purpose. We can easily and effectively sustain a universal wallet address (UWA): Total number of possible UWA addresses 2 ^ 2048 or 3.231700607131100730071487668867 10^616-- more than stars in the sky or sand by the sea shores. This is true when those values making up the UWA are chosen from 256 characters noting that it could be a unique char-value in each element or another. The hashes of the protracted strings could be used to shorten them. QR codes could be derived and used in cases where the model offers a high security. This can usher in a free sovereign ID system (SOVIDS).


Creation of Transaction ID

ZKP-Triangle flow (ZT-Flow) and  protocol verbiages:

1. RCD-> Request, Credit, Debit
2. ACK->Acknowledge
3. CFM->Confirm
4. RCV->Receive
5. SND->Send
6. RPY->Reply
7. RCOD->Record.


We represent the flow mechanism; an indefatigable triangle with the diagram below.

These verbiages are formulated to make sure any interference is aborted since the ‘transactionid’ or transaction identification will not issue. Once the transaction is confirmed by sender a ‘transactionid’ is issued using the time of the last ’sessionid’ of the confirmed transaction. It is set in the like of military time 174013 ->5: 40:13 PM concatenate with that last ‘sessionid’ created from ordered arbitrary numbers. This serves as part of the headers and metadata ensemble. This counter measures will forestall rogues access points redirects.  

The nascent nature of core Blockchain still makes it susceptible to MITM attacks. Therefore, it is inaccurate to say that it will securely send and receive restricted and non-restricted data while mitigating user’s lack of privacy. LokChain was designed to forestall all inherent defects of the core blockchain. We believe that our approach will create wealth because the users have full control of their data. No entity in the world will have such control over the users anymore. Data owners will now be able to sell their data for asset gains- A new dawn for secure Data life cycle (SDLC) is here.




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